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Let's Talk About Open Calls

LET'S TALK ABOUT Open Calls with Blue Shop Cottage

My guest today is the absolute queen of live art chat - Ocki Magill, founder and creative director of Blue Shop Cottage.

Based in Camberwell in South East London, Blue Shop Cottage it’s everything I love in a gallery. Consistently wicked curation, a strong aesthetic that leaves room for surprise. It’s authentic, it’s approachable but most importantly, their mantra is HELP ARTISTS GROW.

Whether it’s through a residency programme, an online group show for or a full on solo in her magic gallery space, Ocki offers an incredible platform and support system for artists to develop.

Their current opportunity, ‘Works on Paper', now in it's 4th edition, is an online group show open to artists to apply from all over the world. The premise being: original work on paper, for under £1,000, curated by Ocki for the loyal Blue Shop following of collectors.

It's a great excuse to open up the conversation about Open Calls and find out more about this brilliant offering from the galleries' perspective.

Enjoy! And if you have any questions about applying for Works On Paper, get in touch with Ocki @blueshopcottage /


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