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A practical guide

by your side.

Being a contemporary artist requires wearing many hats, so it’s understandable if some fit better than others. Art & People can help you bridge the gaps with professional development support. We are dedicated to sharing our expertise so you can run your business with ease and represent yourself with confidence.

Artist Coaching



Single Sessions

Receive specialist, one-to-one support whenever you need it. Invite a curatorial eye into your studio to get direct feedback on your work. Ask our advice on anything from pricing to presentation or consult us on gallery submissions and art fairs.

Available in person and online.

Artist Coaching
Coaching for artists


6  Week Courses

Make the transition into the next phase of your artistic profession in a one-to-one course tailored to you. We can help clarify your direction as an artist, building confidence, as we guide you towards your compatible galleries, platforms or projects.

Available in person and online.


Connect with your community in our interactive, group coaching sessions. We will guide you though essential areas such as: articulating your practice; pricing your artwork; communicating with your audience and presenting your work to representatives.

Available in person and online.


Artist coaching group workshops
Art & People. Coaching Profile. Photo Cr


" Having worked both as a musician and gallery partner, I am in a rare position: I appreciate the nerve needed to live off your art and I understand the industry. Artists are often on the back foot due to lack of knowledge and support. I want to help to change that."

Art & People Founder,

Claudia Kennaugh

" After my sessions wth Claudia I had a renewed energy and a clearer vision of who I was, or could be, as an artist. "
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