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Whether you are setting out to find your very first work of art, or seeking advice on how to hang your existing collection, we can make it happen. Leave it to Art & People and we will share our vibrant vision and expertise to guide you on your art collecting journey.

Let your space sing with art that really resonates.


We love to make your quest for art easy and enjoyable. Invite us to tune into your taste in art and build you a tailored collection of recommendations. Our eclectic, ever-growing community of artists and dealers is here for you to explore.

How to start a a home art collection
Framing services


It can be tempting to play it safe but we encourage you to be bold! Art & People have a distinctive range of bespoke designs for you to choose from and customise, as well as a variety of vintage frames. We will guide you through the options, showing you how to bring character and contrast to your collection, however large or small.


We treat this as an art form in itself. Take away the indecision and let us arrange your collection in a way that enhances the art and your relationship to it. Partnered with our expert picture hanger, we can curate and safely install your artwork - from a single statement to our beloved gallery wall. 

Picture hanging
Art workshops with Art & People


Interactive sessions and online tutorials offering practical, accessible advice on how to buy, frame and hang art in your home.

Claudia Kennaugh

" It's not what you know about art but how it makes you feel that matters. This is your space and I want it to come alive with art that inspires, engages and reflects your spirit."

Art & People Founder,

Claudia Kennaugh



"Claudia takes the indecisiveness out of buying art, making it fun and easy."
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