Art & People artist coaching


I was struggling with the direction of my art, which was affecting my motivation and depleting my inspiration. I reached out to Claudia and she responded with such a  positive energy. With each session Claudia she helped me clarify my thoughts, see the strengths in my work and understand where to pull back. Whether her insights reflected positively or challenged me, she was always so thoughtful and smart. Claudia has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to artists, galleries and collectors. This is what makes her coaching one of a kind. After our sessions I had a renewed energy and a clearer vision of who I was, or could be, as an artist. Holly, San Diego   

This workshop came at a pivotal time for me and I’ve come away feeling really positive about the things I need to focus on and develop in the coming months. I can feel momentum building now. Your feedback has been invaluable and the safe space you created was warmly received. - Suzi, Bristol

The Advancing Art course was fantastic! A thorough but not overly long walk through of key areas to be thinking about to move forward with your art career, with brilliant tips delivered in an engaging and encouraging way. It was so valuable to have the points of view and opinions from someone such as yourself so active in the art world, with such valuable insight for us to help make our future experiences in the art world ourselves as positive and successful as possible. 

I loved the space to meet and talk and ask questions with like minded people, and the optional tasks/homework to do each week really helped with drive and moving forward our practice. So much information to refer back to as and when needed in your career, and the chance to be a part of the Art & People community - awesome! - Ellie, Bristol

I felt you really listened and understood where I was coming from and gave me some great advice for how to get where I'd like to be. Thanks for being so encouraging. 

- Steph, Bristol

I’m so glad a friend of mine from college promoted Claudia’s services - as they are services I didn’t even know were available. After floundering about for over a decade post-college, considering how to approach the art world, I realized I could benefit from a bit of structure and accountability. I started with an introductory consultation with Art & People over zoom and realized how personable and knowledgeable Claudia is. I continued to meet with her over zoom due to the fact that we live on separate continents and each week, I started to do many of the things I had put off for too long. I got to working on my artist statement, resume, website, catalogue of images, my social media presence, as well as applying to group shows. The culmination of our efforts was a solo show that I put on at the end of 2020 - it is something that I had envisioned doing years ago and then found many a reason to put off. I have Claudia to thank for her encouragement and a bit of her vision. I’m now looking to 2021 to build on what I started last year and I know that working with Claudia ought to be a priority. Best not to hesitate and just get to work! :)

- Crystal. Massachussetts

I wanted to say that you have been absolutely amazing in these sessions. Both in terms of encouragement and practical advice as well as understanding the individual.

I was also reflecting on how wonderfully you’ve engineered these steps. I’d really struggled with how I could ever implement these plans and gradually it now seems possible. Breaking each stage into manageable chunks. Breaking down the fear!  

Art & People artist coaching

Claudia is an incredible mentor and I feel so happy that I chose to work with her. Within a few months she really helped me deal with creative block and make steps towards establishing my creative practice. From enthusiastic support to insightful reflections, Claudia’s experience in the art world and her passion and warm encouraging approach are a rare combination. I would highly recommend working with her for support with any aspect of your creative practice. - Rachel, Ibiza

I honestly had the best time at the workshops and it's given me the biggest confidence boost ever. I loved how intimate the group was, it felt really special to have so much time dedicated to us, not just as individuals but as a group of artists. I liked that each session had an agenda. I also liked that the conversation around each point never felt forced and you made me feel like asking any question was completely okay. I thought being in the setting of a gallery as well was very poignant, it brought everything back home and really reinforced the fact that It IS possible! I also loved the fact you incorporated breathing exercises/meditative, conscious vibes to the session, that was so special thank you. - Hannah, Bristol

Thank you for all your advice and time on the consulting course.  It helped me reflect on my art career so far and what is important to me and how do I wish to proceed.  I have been bit overwhelmed by all the different threads I want to pursue but now have tried to categorise them into a 5 year plan, which helps.  I have also structured my time better at studio, by thinking of when I do admin and when I 'create'; now I feel I have a routine to work to rather than jumping from one thing to another - so thanks for helping me realise that. - Emma, Bristol

I enjoyed the session so much. You were amazing and I felt there was so much clear practical advice. Practicing speaking and role-play feels awkward at first, but it somehow gets that fear out of the way. I hope that next time I’m in this situation, I shall be able to put it into practice, as I realise I have probably made many classic mistakes in the past, therefore missing opportunities through shyness or nerves. - Hermione, London