I was struggling with the direction of my art, which was affecting my motivation and depleting my inspiration. I reached out to Claudia and she responded with such a  positive energy. With each session Claudia she helped me clarify my thoughts, see the strengths in my work and understand where to pull back. Whether her insights reflected positively or challenged me, she was always so thoughtful and smart. Claudia has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to artists, galleries and collectors. This is what makes her coaching one of a kind. After our sessions I had a renewed energy and a clearer vision of who I was, or could be, as an artist. Holly   

Claudia's got a good buzz. She makes people feel at ease instantly. It was great to have her on the stand, as a buffer, when people are critiquing my art and my nerves are shot. It's amazing to have someone speak on your behalf in a positive way and bring more insight to the work than I can offer. She's got a good heart and a lot of time for people.  Andrew  

Just to say how much I enjoyed the session on Tuesday. You were amazing and I felt there was so much clear practical advice. Practicing speaking and role-play feels awkward at first, but it somehow gets that fear out of the way. I hope that next time I’m in this situation, I shall be able to put it into practice, as I realise I have probably made many classic mistakes in the past, therefore missing opportunities through shyness or nerves. - Hermione