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Claudia spent her early months nestled in a drawer at the Hollywood Road Gallery, London. Growing up surrounded by the paintings of her parent's 'local picture shop', she was introduced to the world of art — a place that felt unstuffy and full of life. 


Claudia worked as a musician and performing artist before joining the family trade in 2011. From the workshop to front-of-house, Claudia understudied her mother, Catharine, until they became partners in 2015.

During her years co-running the gallery, there was one thing in particular people rang the bell for — advice. Whether it was a collector seeking recommendations, or an artist wanting feedback, it became the unofficial ‘art advice bureau’. Claudia's supportive spirit and wealth of knowledge kept people coming back for more, and in 2017 she launched a daughter advisory service for the gallery collectors.


With the growing number of requests from artists, Claudia felt the urge to create a new kind of art advisory: one that doesn’t just help the people who collect art, but also those who create it. 


Art & People is the response to that calling. 

Art & People is a Bristol based art advisory service founded in 2019 by Claudia Kennaugh