Artist coaching one-to-one


Single Sessions

We will schedule one-to-one sessions with your coach, who can offer guidance on areas including:

  • Artistic direction

  • Articulating your work

  • Framing & presentation

  • Organisation & accounting 

  • Online presence & copywriting

  • Pricing your artwork

  • Portfolio building 

  • Sales guidance & collector communication

  • Commission guidance

  • Art fair / exhibition support

  • Gallery submissions



In person or remotely on Zoom



Single: £65 / hour 

Series: £60 / hour (block booking of 3 or more) 


Artist coaching 8-week course


6 Week Course


Every artist is different so there is no set formula. You will receive one-to-one support from your coach, who will tailor the course entirely to your needs. 



Week 1

Opening consultation to discover what stage you are at and what your professional aspirations are. We will discuss the areas where you feel confident, and those where you would like more guidance.

Week 2

Studio visit or online work review where you can show us your art: current collection, work in progress, back catalogue, sketchbooks, and anything else you feel is insightful. 


Week 3

We will build a bespoke plan of action for you and get to work on the first project.

Week 4, 5 & 6

We unfold the plan in manageable sections and you will be given projects to carry out in between sessions. 



In person or remotely on Zoom.




Payment available in installments.