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Studio Notes Podcast with Sasha DeWitt

It was such a pleasure to be a guest on Sasha DeWitt's affirming podcast for artists - Studio Notes. Thanks to her philosophical outlook, we mused on how an artist navigates the world in their unique and 'non-linear' way. It opened up an expansive conversation where we explored the role of money in an artist's life, finding validation from within, and having the mindset of a professional artist - no matter what you earn or who represents you. We also chatted practical matters such as how to get into, what we preferred to call, 'The World of Art'. Advice includes creating a buddy system with other artists to go to gallery shows together, being proactive and setting up your own exhibitions with other artists to gain experience.

Sasha DeWitt is a brilliant artist and coach based at Wimbledon Art Studios, London. I have had the joy of watching her practice develop over the past few years and her current collection feels like a significant arrival point. The oil and cold wax works on panel are ethereal, layered with light and an invitation to look beyond.

I'm grateful to Sasha for creating this platform for artists to share their story in this long form fashion - allowing it to breathe and for guests to discover things whilst speaking. It certainly allowed me to connect with the artist in me that often gets sidelined. Thank you for bringing her to the surface.

Enjoy more of Sasha's artwork and Mentoring Membership opportunities.


Anna F Macdonald is an abstract artist whose work is like a meditation. Her open-book approach is so refreshing and no doubt speaks to her role as an artist coach. I first met Anna at Urban Art Fair many moons ago, where I snapped up one of her small works on paper that gives me daily joy and calm.

Thanks for reading and listening.

Have a lovely rest of your day,


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