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IGTV ~ Let's Talk About The Power of Art

Tara Swart

We are so lucky to be joined today by the incredible Dr. Tara Swart. Tara is a neuroscientist, lecturer, spokesperson and author of her brilliant book ‘The Source’. Which, if are keen to explore manifesting and learn the science behind the law of attraction, is an amazing, active read.

It’s that dual wisdom of both science and spiritual practice that makes Tara’s work so significant. She helps people and companies all over the world to achieve mental resilience, peak brain performance, and regulate their emotions.

And art plays a big role in that! Tara is a keen art lover and collector and we share many views about the vitality of art in the world. So I wanted to explore with her the impact art has on our brains, our wellbeing, and how to adopt a mindful approach to art inside our homes and daily lives.

Tara was so encouraging in the early stages of my journey as an art advisor and has been an amazing support and friend ever since. I'm very grateful to her for sharing her wisdom with the Art & People community!

💫 Ps. I hope you enjoy Tara's amazing meditation at the end as much as I did!

👉 “The Source by Tara Swart, MD, PhD marries universal truths with scientific rigor for a persuasive, important exploration of The Law of Attraction.“— DEEPAK CHOPRA MD

🧡 Video features artwork by @hannahcoton

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