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Art & People launch Online Tutorials

I am overjoyed to sing the news of our new offering. It's all about making specialist art advice accessible and affordable, and giving people the confidence to navigate their own way through the world of art.

💥 We'll be opening with:

'Curating Art at Home ~ How to Buy, Frame & Hang your Own Collection.'

" The course covers everything from how to find and buy your first artwork to hanging an existing collection, making collecting art easy and enjoyable. Claudia shares her curatorial eye and vibrant vision, demonstrating how to bring character and contrast to a collection however big or small. She encourages being bold with framing and provides advice on picture hanging – from statement pieces to gallery walls. The tutorials champion the view that art is for everyone, no matter their budget or knowledge, and offer practical tips and workshop demonstrations to give people the confidence to get art on their walls." - @francesca.fjpr

👁 Look out for release dates and community offers!

🙏🎥 Ever grateful to our

ACE production team

🧡 And the font of all knowledge knowledge...@catharinemillergallery

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