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Silver Lining of Lockdown

One of the biggest silver linings of 2020 has been working with the brilliant Crystal Connors.

Mid lockdown No. 1, ingenious Phoebe Dark suggested I offer my artist coaching online. After a reluctant start I was amazed at just how effective it was.

Encouraged, I launched an offer for free coaching sessions on Zoom. Thanks to a shout out from the magical Californian artist Sarah Stieber, my inbox was full with requests from the US.

Crystal signed up and introduced me to her practice that had been laying dormant for a decade. Since completing her art degree, she felt the need to pursue a more 'practical' career path which led her to running a successful floral preservation business. But the artist inside wouldn't be quiet any longer!

Our consultation developed into a 6 week course, during which I helped her to: identify the strengths in her practice, refine her artistic identity, articulate her work, frame and finish her paintings, establish her pricing, set up an online presence and organise her business.

Crystal has now launched her first series of paintings, was selected to exhibit in a group show in Brooklyn and has hosted her first solo exhibition. Beaming doesn't begin to cover it.

It's been a privilege to enjoy the journey with her and see the fervent development and commitment to her practice. I am so excited for Crystal to share her engaging, curious paintings with more people.

Massive respect. And without lockdown, we may never have met...

👁 Check out her work at

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